Belgian fashion photography in a unique setting sublimated on ChromaLuxe - ICONOBELGE II

Aggiornato il: 9 set 2020

Iconobelge II shows a powerful and diverse selection of fashion photographers who each enter into a dialogue with the beautiful spaces on the first floor of Antwerp's Handelsbeurs. An exceptional exhibition in a unique setting because the exhibition spaces are normally not open to the public.

The work of Domen Van de Velde can be seen in the beautiful spaces on the first floor of the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp, the oldest fair building in Europe.

Spaces that are normally not open to the public and which are being opened for the first time - especially for Iconobelge II. It is an iconic building with which Domen Van de Velde's iconic photographs, sublimated on ChromaLuxe white gloss panels, undoubtedly feel at home. 

Antwerp Photo Iconobelge II 2020 is to be seen from 11 July to 27 September 2020 at the historic Handelsbeurs in Antwerp, Belgium.

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