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Wild animals conquer the urban habitat. The open air installation at the Postplatz in Zingst Germany shows German cities from a new perspective. Sven Meurs found the impetus for this exhibition in Cologne during a nocturnal encounter with a fox.

In spring 2004, on a weekday at three o'clock in the morning, Sven Meurs had a momentous encounter. Meurs, who was born in 1980 in the Lower Rhine region and is a nurse by profession, had just come to Cologne from the North Sea island of Amrum, where he had worked for two years. It was his first night in the cathedral city. He had celebrated his arrival and was on his way home on foot when he suddenly faced a fox in the Ehrenfeld district.

Deeply impressed by this event, the question of which animals live in the cities, often hidden at night, but often also obvious without attracting attention, never left him.

The answer is provided by the German metropolises: Wild boars in Berlin gardens, foxes in downtown Cologne, kingfishers in Düsseldorf's city park!

The big cities are often richer in species than the surrounding countryside.

The big cities are often richer in species than the surrounding countryside. The photographer clarifies the question of "why" in an exciting and humorous way. The aim of this exhibition is to draw attention to urban nature. With his humorous pictures Sven Meurs wants to arouse enthusiasm in order to inform about the uniqueness of the habitats of animal and plant species in the city.

24 photos printed on ChromaLuxe EXT metal panels are displayed on the Postplatz. The Postplatz of Zingst is located in the middle of town and not far from the Max Hünten House.

Location: Postplatz 1 | Open-Air

Opening hours: daily | open-air

Exhibition duration: until 30.04.2020

Want to discover more on the exhibitions in ZINGST Germany: CLICK HERE

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