ChromaLuxe Certified Plus Lab label handed over to OR MANY

Aggiornato il: 2 dic 2019

Or Many Fine Art Photography is a photolab based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Or Many is an international known landscape and wildlife photographer.

Recently he started one of the biggest studios in Israel for manufacturing his art on ChromaLuxe aluminium panels.

At the latest Israel Photo Conference in Tel Aviv, he showcased an amazing booth. Stylish with large format ChromaLuxe panels. His work is just WOW! Erik Wiegman, CEO of Universal Woods EMEA, visited the conference and handed over a ChromaLuxe Certified Plus Lab label to Or Many.

Credits pic @ Tomer Foltyn

What is a ChromaLuxe Certified Plus Lab?

The ChromaLuxe Certified Labs program is created to support professional print providers to achieve and maintain excellence in photo reproduction on HD metal ChromaLuxe panels.

A Certified PLUS Lab has been accredited by one of our technicians after a training session and assessment have been completed. Among many criteria, the studio must have an advanced education level regarding consistent print quality. Each Certified Lab receives ongoing direct support, training and product information directly from us at Universal Woods.

Extra benefits are:

  • Priority support in case of issues

  • Profiling support from a certified ChromaLuxe Engineer

  • Training and Workshops

  • First-hand marketing & product information

Click HERE to discover more about the Certified Labs program

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