ChromaLuxe presents Chromio, a Certified Lab

Chromio is a small Dutch company specialised on supplying unique and beautiful photo products by means of sublimation technology. They consider personal service and customer satisfaction very important. Through constant innovation they deliver sublime products.

Chromio is a ChromaLuxe Certified Lab. This didn't just happen. They met different requirements in order to receive the certification.

Chris from Chromio explains: "Our goal is to deliver beautiful sustainable photo panels. We work with photo panels of ChromaLuxe, because it provides an optimal quality. To get a perfect result on ChromaLuxe there is a lot of specialism involved. We have worked hard to become a certified lab. By optimizing our work process in recent years, we have been able to achieve this. We work with the best paper, inks and sublimation press. We have coordinated these elements well in order to achieve a good result."

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