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Aggiornato il: 5 dic 2019

As part of Universal Woods’ commitment to share dye sublimation information and inspire the graphic arts industry for excellent results and improved business opportunities, STARTTOSUBLIMATE.COM was launched.

What is STARTTOSUBLIMATE.COM ? is the reference for everyone willing to discover the gentle art of sublimation printing on rigid materials, sold by ChromaLuxe® and Unisub®. It is an amazing sublimation support portal with free access for all subscribers. introduces you to the world of dye sublimation on rigid materials.

Sublimation is a digital print technology that allows the reproduction of full colour images on a variety of hard substrates, such as aluminium, steel and wood. Sublimation involves the use of special dye-inks that change from solid to gas without passing through the liquid phase. The inks are infused into the Unisub® and ChromaLuxe® coatings and create a durable print with sublime vibrant colours and a 3-dimensional look. introduces you to the world of dye sublimation on rigid materials. This technical portal contains everything you need to know how to produce high quality sublimation prints and personalized gift products. It gives the answers on basic and in-depth questions, it contains tip sheets for every Unisub® item, how-to video tutorials, timetables, colour profiles and practical tips. It has a powerful search-engine and users can ask in depth question via the support form.

Goals and objectives

The ultimate goal is to inspire the graphical and photo industry for better results through improving technological knowledge. is an open platform and provides the best service possible to all subscribers.

Start now!

Just click here and explore everything about sublimation

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